English Conversation

Join our English Conversation through the Bible class to practice speaking English in a group setting while studying the Bible. No previous Bible experience is necessary. This is also a great opportunity to make new friends and learn about American culture.

  • Thursdays from 1:30-3:00pm, currently meeting over Zoom
  • For all levels of English speaking ability  
  • Free - Childcare not provided
  • Women only

For more information or to join this class, click here.

Justice Mission


The Justice Team vision is to lead the Faith Community Church congregation to an understanding of injustices taking place in the world around us and activate the people to enter the work to restore justice, which includes bringing about right relationships between human beings with one another and with God. 


The Justice Team uses various means such as prayer, the Bible, videos, IJM developed materials, and other research to raise awareness in the congregation of Faith Community Church to injustices that impact people locally and globally, stirring them to act to bring justice to victims through wise solutions that involve identifying the unique gifts and resources they have and using them strategically in the service of those in need. Definition of injustice: Injustice occurs when someone with greater power deprives someone with lesser power of freedom, dignity, treasure, or livelihood.  

Current work:

We work to help solve problems of injustice at its root: where children start out as victims of injustices and then continue that cycle. Our aim is to help restore the family as God designed it through partnering with local organizations and identifying gaps where children need further assistance. Above are some organizations that we work with. 

"Paths of Justice" Newsletters:

March 2020 - Protecting our Schools and Libraries

February 2020 - Encouraging the Persecuted

January 2020 - March for Life

Past Newsletters


Ohio University (Athens, OH) 

Chad and Christy Helmer - Cru

Chad and Christy are part of the Cru ministry in southeastern Ohio. At Ohio University, Marietta College, Hocking College, and other schools throughout southeastern Ohio, Chad and Christy help students grow in their relationship with God through Bible studies, one-on-one mentoring, training and more. Their team is committed to reaching college students with the Good News of Christ, building them up in their faith, and sending them out into the harvest to reach others for Christ. 

The students whom they lead are actively involved in taking the message of Jesus to the country of Slovenia and another secure country in South Asia. Their dream is to see hundreds of college students graduate from southeastern Ohio every year with a passion and desire to take the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth. 

View the Helmer's latest ministry updates here.

Miami University (Miami, OH) 

Rich and Lois Jarvi - Navigators

Since its founding in 1933, The Navigators has upheld the mission “To know Christ, make Him known, and help others do the same®.” 

Lois and Rich are involved in staff training at Miami University and in the Great Lakes Region. Additionally, they are involved in the student work at Miami. They lead Bible studies, meet one-on-one with students and staff, and spend time on campus with them in evangelism and discipling. They also travel to campuses in the region where staff are being trained to help younger staff hone their training skills. 

View the Jarvi's latest ministry updates here.

Boston, MA

Kimberly C. - ISI (International Students Inc.) 

“I had come to realize soon after serving in a large church that my heart went out to those who weren't seeking God. My first thought was to go abroad. I was encouraged to wait and pray. Then, God laid on my heart a desire to serve internationals here in the states. I was subsequently connected with ISI, a ministry whose focus is on international students in the U.S. - students who are leaders and future leaders of their own countries. I now connect with them through various activities such as teaching English as a second language, dinners, programs, etc. Building these friendships allows the opportunity to share with them the gospel – sharing the HOPE we have with those who have yet to realize they are missing something in their lives.

Read Kimberly's latest ministry updates here.

Xenia, OH

Shaun & Karlie Brainard - Athletes in Action  

Shaun and Karlie have completed their training and are currently raising funds to become full-time missionaries with the soccer ministry at Athletes in Action's headquarters in Xenia, OH. 

Read the Brainard's latest ministry updates here.



Bryan and Cheryl - Cru/Athletes in Action


Ted and Juli Kautzmann - ProMETA/ReachGlobal

Ted and Juli work with ReachGlobal in ProMETA, an international program that equips pastors and Hispanic missionaries throughout Latin America and Spain. Thousands are coming to Christ daily in Latin America, but ProMETA is badly needed because good leaders are in short supply. Most churches in the region lack pastors with serious training. This contributes to chronic, widespread problems. Latin Americans must be prepared to equip others for leadership. 

ProMETA allows students to remain in their own places of ministry, yet study with experts throughout the world. Students and instructors form online learning communities with close interaction. Courses are designed to develop the character, skills, and knowledge necessary to lead churches and institutions that are truly biblical and effectively impact their culture. 

Over 50 students, representing 15 countries, are enrolled in ProMETA. Ted's responsibilities include recruiting faculty and teaching pastors how to study and teach the Bible. Juli teaches English in a ministry to local Costa Ricans.

Read the Kautzmann's latest ministry updates here.


Jim and Elaine Schmidtke - MLS/USL Pro Soccer Ministry

Cru/Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action Soccer USA exists to build Christian leaders who use the global platform of soccer to proclaim the life changing message of Christ to the world.  

They have ministries with teams all over North America with Major League, USA National, U17 Boy's National, USA Women's National, as well as a number of College Soccer teams. Internationally, they have been able to send evangelistic competing men's and women's soccer teams to at least 26 countries over the last 15 years. Not only have these teams been able to share Christ with tens of thousands of people, but many of the players have returned with a passion to serve the Lord and become leaders. Some have joined our staff. Also, our teams have helped spur and encourage “in country” growth of ministries in several countries such as Ireland, South Africa, Moldova, Bolivia, Panama, and others.  

Locally, they continue to develop a discipleship ministry with the Columbus Crew and Ohio State. On the Crew we have a solid base of 10 players and coaches who desire to grow in their faith and leadership. We have been able to develop several good relationships with other players and wives in the organization. Our athletes and coaches have shared the message of Christ to many thousands in Ohio.   

Read the Schmidtke's latest ministry updates here.