Being the Church

During a time when we are unable to meet as a church body, we can still be the church to those around us. Below are some practical ways to support vital needs in our communities. And, we can all serve in the most important way possible, pray! 

Pray for your church family, pray for your neighbors, and pray for our leaders.

  • local non-profits

    We are surrounded by many excellent non-profits that can use our support, especially now. There are many to choose from, but don't get overwhelmed. Look through and find just one thing that you can do to "be the church" to your community.

    If you know of other ways to reach our community, please send a message through our secure contact form.

  • American Red cross

    Due to numerous blood drive cancellations due to school and other closures, we are facing a severe blood shortage. The Red Cross has enhanced its safety protocols to maintain social distancing and ensure safe blood donation. If you are able, please consider giving in this way.

    Click on the image to visit their website, read about their safety protocols, and find a donation location near you.