Justice Mission


The Justice Team vision is to lead the Faith Community Church congregation to an understanding of injustices taking place in the world around us and activate the people to enter the work to restore justice, which includes bringing about right relationships between human beings with one another and with God.


The Justice Team uses various means such as prayer, the Bible, videos, IJM developed materials, and other research to raise awareness in the congregation of Faith Community Church to injustices that impact people locally and globally, stirring them to act to bring justice to victims through wise solutions that involve identifying the unique gifts and resources they have and using them strategically in the service of those in need. Definition of injustice: Injustice occurs when someone with greater power deprives someone with lesser power of freedom, dignity, treasure, or livelihood. 

Current work:

Our current work is helping to solve problems of injustice at its root: where children start out as victims of injustices and then continue that cycle. Our aim is to help restore the family as God designed it through partnering with local organizations and identifying gaps where children need further assistance. On top are some organizations that we work with.

"Paths of Justice" Newsletters:

March 2017 - Helping pre-born babies and their parents

April 2017 - Assisting families of prisoners

May 2017 - Freeing slaves

June 2017 - Serving those being persecuted

July 2017 - Ending human trafficking/slavery

August 2017 - Helping Children Become Literate

September 2017 - Life-affirming missions