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Our vision is that the youth at Faith would become growing apprentices of Jesus and learn to be in genuine community with others. To be an apprentice of Jesus simply means to learn to live my life the way Jesus would if he were I. This means daily trying to become more and more like him. And, we believe this happens best in community, where we can practice living like Jesus in humility, love, and service.

What's Going On

Youth Equipping Class: This meets every Sunday following the worship service. We discuss topics that are relevant to maturing as a Christian, such as basic Christian beliefs, flourishing as a Christian in college, spiritual formation and others. For our spring teaching series, we are launching a new DVD based study called GODQUEST by Sean McDowell. McDowell takes teens on a journey to discover answers to difficult questions about faith, spirituality and the nature of a loving creator. Discussion guides are emailed in advance each week. We encourage parents to take time with their kids to go through the questions in preparation for Sunday's teaching during 2nd hour. 

Service Projects and Fun Activities: We plan one event a month to build fellowship and provide opportunites for students to serve both in the community and in our church.