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Adult Equipping Classes

Adult Equipping Classes are the primary teaching ministry at Faith. Two classes are offered every quarter, and each year the classes cover nine key practices of the apprentice of Jesus. Please click here for a description of them.

After the service on Sunday mornings, there is a brief time of fellowship followed by the classes listed below from 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Spring Quarter Classes (March 11th - May 20th)

Class 1: The Nature of the Church

Leader: Collin Brendemuehl

Description: We'll be studying the doctrine of the church. That means a lot of Bible study about the nature of the church and the responsibilities that the Lord has entrusted to her. We will explore both the OT and the NT to better understand God's design and intentions. Plus, we will look at church history and teachings to see how things have developed (for better or for worse) since NT times. We will conclude with some history and teaching about the Evangelical Free Church. To help, we'll use the book called The House Where God Lives: The Doctrine of the Church. Key practices emphasized will be to develop the mind, build moral virtue, and love and serve others.

Class 2:  Isaiah

Leaders:  Tom Castor and Doug Dunsmoor

Description:The book of Isaiah, along with the Psalms, is by far one of the most referenced books in the New Testament. It includes promises of judgment as well as restoration and reminds God's people of the magnitude of humanity's sin, the judgment that we deserve, and how God displays His glory by saving sinners. It anticipates the work of Jesus Christ. We will take a fascinating look at its message, background, connection with other Scriptures, and how it applies to us today. We'll use a study guide that's edited by J. I. Packer and includes insightful questions that will guide our discussion. The practices emphasized will be to study God's Word, build moral virtue, and seek justice and restoration.

PLEASE NOTE: Readings for both classes will include passages from the Bible; if you do not have a good study Bible of your own, please let us know and we’ll help you get one.