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Adult Equipping Classes

Adult Equipping Classes are the primary teaching ministry at Faith. Two classes are offered every quarter, and each year the classes cover nine key practices of the apprentice of Jesus. Please click here for a description of them.

After the service on Sunday mornings, there is a brief time of fellowship followed by the classes listed below from 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM.

Fall Quarter Classes (September 9th - November 11th)

Class 1: The Gospel of John

Leaders: Collin Brendemuehl and Tom Castor

Description:  We will be going through the Gospel of John, which presents rich information about Jesus and evidence that He is the Messiah, the Son of God, who brings eternal life. By trusting in Him, you can have life in Him. Jesus encourages His followers to continue His mission by showing who He is. To help, we will use a book from the Knowing the Bible series, edited by J. I. Packer. It includes overviews of the text, insightful questions for reflection or discussion to better understand each part, big-picture connections, and a focus on personal and practical applications. Practices that will be emphasized include studying God’s Word, loving and serving others, and witnessing to the Gospel.

Class 2:  Leadership

Leader: Doug Dunsmoor

Description:  We will be coached in discovering and mastering different aspects of biblical leadership. We will become more equipped to understand our times, inspire others, use our God-given gifts effectively, and communicate truth with confidence. Whether it’s at home, in your neighborhood, at school, in the workplace, at church, or in the culture, you have many opportunities to lead others in a Christ-like way, and we will learn how to do this effectively. We will use a DVD, book, discussion guide, and other tools from Dr. Jeff Myers, an author and speaker who taught leadership at Bryan College and is now President of Summit Ministries. Our focus will be on the practices of developing the mind, loving and serving others, and exercising stewardship. 

PLEASE NOTE: Readings for both classes will include passages from the Bible; if you do not have a good study Bible of your own, please let us know and we’ll help you get one.