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Faith Groups

What are Faith Groups?

Faith Groups are at the heart of what we do at Faith. They are groups of 12-15 people who meet regularly to build spiritual community and together serve the church and wider community. The groups reserve time each meeting for discussion and application of the weekly sermon.

Why Faith Groups?

We believe that humans are created to be in relationship with one another, and that we grow best when we are in fellowship with others who, while not perfect, are trying to become more and more like Jesus. We are intentional about putting people into communities where they can build lasting relationships that are characterized by love, humility, and service.

What Should I Expect?

When you join a Faith Group, expect to find a group of ordinary people who are committed to extraordinarily good news. This good news is that our lives can be transformed by entering into a relationship with Jesus and by putting on his character. We can find freedom from destructive impulses and lay hold of an abundant life free from fear, anxiety, guilt, or shame. Expect to find people pursuing this sort of life in community.